Breakfast Service on Superyachts with Sea Emporium

A header image showing different breakfast accessories such as teapots, glasses and coffee machines.

Have you ever heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”?

Whether you believe it to be true or not, let’s start the day on the right foot with our Chief Stew’s Breakfast Service Tips.

Dress your breakfast table with:

  • a starter plate, a bread plate and a napkin
  • knife, butter knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon
  • water and orange juice glasses
  • depending on preferences, a teacup and saucer on the side 

Two breakfast serving dishes, one with fruit and the other granola.
Now you can add the elements that spark joy for your guests: we recommend flowers and relaxing music in the background to set the mood for the day. 
Your guests can enjoy being at the table while waiting for hot beverages and the Chef’s daily special.
A breakfast bar featuring three options of granola.

Breakfast Service Essentials – You can display these service accessories on the table and on the side as part of your buffet table:

  • Butter, honey and Jam dishes
  • Cereal containers 
  • Fruit, nut and seed bowls 
  • Bread baskets
  • Salt & pepper mills
  • Oil and vinegar set
  • Toast rack
  • Yoghurt dispenser
  • Egg cups
  • Jugs for water and juices
  • Thermos for milk, coffee and hot water
  • Tea box
  • Breakfast bowls and spoons

A good day starts with coffee. But which one will you prepare?

  • Piccolo: one short shot of coffee
  • Espresso: one shot of coffee
  • Macchiato: espresso + foam (hot frothed milk)
  • American: one shot of coffee + hot water
  • Cappuccino: one shot of coffee + frothed milk
  • Latte: one shot of coffee + hot milk + foam (hot frothed milk)

Do you know what really makes the difference between all these coffees? Cups! Cups sizes and shapes can completely set your coffee experience apart. For example, what really makes a Latte different from a Cappuccino is the way it will be presented to your guest. When pouring a Latte, we recommend you use a tall glass so you can show the different layers – milk/coffee/foam. 

Image shows different kinds of coffee on a plinth - both espresso or latte are perfect breakfast options.

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