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Choosing Your New Bed Linen: Tips by Sea Emporium

Beds come in all shapes and sizes on yachts, which means that often, only custom made linen will work.

Whether you are planning new linen for a New Build or you need to refresh the linen you currently have onboard, we offer custom mattresses and linen, suited to your requirements.

That is why we have launched our own unique linen range using the finest linens which include luxurious sateens and silks, along with crisp organic cottons and our unique wood fiber linens. Our range extends to 1400 thread counts, in a variety of colours and with the option of many custom details.

Things to consider when choosing bed linen:

Find the right fibre: silk, sateen, percale cotton, modal…?

If you prefer cooler sheets then choose percale cotton over sateen. If you prefer a smooth feel then choose sateen over crisp percale cotton.

It is really a matter of personal preference and we are here to help you find what works best for you, your crew, and your guests.

Let’s talk about thread count.

Thread count refers to the number of threads (strands of fiber) per square inch of fabric. We often hear that a higher thread count is better.

Yes and no.

Softness and comfort really rely on the type of yarn, so fiber quality and weave are more important. Although a high thread count is associated with durability, the final choice is again a matter of personal preference.

We have a fantastic crew linen range using 200 and 300 thread counts!

Choose your colours

Once you have picked the fiber and thread count, you can start thinking about picking colour and detail.

Will you have plain, patterned, or reversable?

Are you considering cording, bands, or embroidery?

Do you need different sets in different guest rooms?

We have invaluable experience to help you make a practical choice that will satisfy even the most particular requests.

Other things to consider:

 Make some space for storage so you know where you will keep your extra sets.

Although we offer competative lead times, planning ahead is the best way to ensure your bed linen choices will be accomplished.

Know that different fabrics will require specific care instructions, so you can keep your bed linen looking sharp longer. 

Consider adding a custom label: we know that laundry can be tricky so we offer complementary labelling services to help you get ahead with linen organisation.

If you have any doubts, be sure to get in touch with our team of former Chief Stews for the best advice in caring for your linens!

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