As a former Chief Stewardess, the founder of Sea Emporium, Susie Shaw, has firsthand experience and comprehensive knowledge of the yachting industry. Involved in multiple new build projects during her 9 years onboard, Susie has had exposure to advising, purchasing, and outfitting a yacht from start to finish.

We offer a thorough new build service, where client requirements are discussed down to the smallest of details, to ensure that we provide a truly impeccable service right from the word go. Our aim is to ensure coordination and efficiency throughout, providing quality, elegance and sustainability on all levels.


initial-meetingDuring our initial meeting we will discuss with you your project, your exact requirements, your timings and your budgets. Using our extensive experience and expertise we will work to craft a checklist detailing your exact expectations.

your-projectUsing the general arrangement drawings and the renderings, we immediately begin researching ideas for your project. Sea Emporium is specialised in owners and guests’ areas right through to crew quarters.

our-proposalAt this stage we will create a storyboard style proposal with different options, firstly for the main interior items and then to follow, the additional accessories. The different proposals will give you an assortment of various design ideas as well as a range of costs.

sample-serviceUpon request, we will collect samples for you to review from our network of trusted, high-end suppliers. We’ll then work closely with you to assist in narrowing down your options.

order-storageAfter you’ve reviewed and accepted our quotation and schedule, we’ll ask for a confirmed order. At this stage, once received from the manufacturers, all items will undergo vital and thorough quality checks, before being repackaged and forwarded on to your destination.

shipping-aftersalesSea Emporium Ltd is proud of our ability to provide a delivery solution tailor made to your requirements. We will issue a handover inventory to confirm all items supplied. Moreover, we will always be on hand to help you with any additions or replacements that may be needed.