We have sourced a collection of over 500 items from highly skilled Italian and Spanish artisans who work with the very best leather. Due to working with independent craftspeople, we can offer a truly bespoke service, with a choice of over 70 types of leather which can be combined with a myriad of different colours. The result is a product portfolio that ranges from elegant turndown trays and shoeboxes to coasters, games sets and guest compendiums.


• Trays & coasters

• Menus and room folders

• Shoe, towel and sun screen baskets

• Bins & tissue boxes

• Humidors & smoking accessories

• Desk sets

• Guestbooks

REF: LA825 Leather Bathroom Accessories
REF: LA846 Leather Box
REF: LA376 Leather Menu Holder
REF: LA256 Leather Lanterns
REF: LA996 Leather Tissue Box
REF: LA678
REF: LA889 Leather Folders
REF: LA219 Shoe and Towel baskets
REF: L814 Trays and Boxes
REF: LA990 Humidor
REF: LA477 Jewellery Trays
REF: LA773 Desksets
REF: LA992 Suncream Baskets
REF: LA4009 Lugagge Tags
REF: LA327 Menu Stand
REF: 2990 Shoe Basket
REF: LA212 Leather Trays
REF: LA979 Leather hangers
REF: LA112
REF: LA329 Tissue Boxes
REF: LA200 Bins
For more information on designs, prices, delivery times and samples please contact us.