Sea Emporium provide a full range of accessories that are handcrafted from the worlds most treasured materials including cut crystal, leather, alabaster, semi-precious stones, chrome and gold. We can expertly advise on the perfect piece to compliment any yacht interior, as we understand the importance of coordinating lavish bathrooms with only the finest accessories.


• Wide range of slippers available in leather, piquet and cotton

• In house, custom made laundry bags

• Variety of pedal bins and tissue boxes in chrome, gold, stainless steel or leather

• Options of mirrors either freestanding, wall mounted or magnifying

• Soap pumps and bathroom presentation trays

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Bathroom Sets
Bathroom Sets
Leather Soap Dispensers
Bathroom Sets
Tissue Boxes
Leather Bathroom Set
Bathroom Set
Silver Bin
Full Bathroom Sets
Bathroom Sets
Bathroom Sets
Bathroom Sets
Swarovsky Trays
Gold Bin
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