The finishing touches to your yacht can be those that make all the difference. With our expertise in the industry, we can advise on those final touches, whether it involves commissioning a one-off showstopper for your dining table, or creating custom board games for your entertainment. Whatever accessories you may choose, we can assure you, will be fully exclusive to you and your yacht.


• Crystal vases

• Fully customized board games

• Photo frames in a wide range of luxury materials

• Decorative table lamps

• Ornaments and sculptures

• Scented luxury diffusers

REF: 256 - Vases
REF: 518 - Bowls
REF: 708
REF: 375
REF: 628 - Vases
REF: 610 - Bowls
REF: 872 - Placemats & Runners
REF: 171 - Napkin Rings
REF: 113 - Pearl Sets
REF: 738 - Accessory Dish
REF: 290 - Vases
REF: 289 - Centrepieces
REF: 395 - Horn Picture Frame
REF: 284 - Luxury Lighting
For more information on designs, prices, delivery times and samples please contact us.